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Who am I? A few words about me:

I am Barbarita Homs, actress and model, working in advertising and creative art assigments. If you have a project that needs some artistic injection and beauty then that’s where I come in!
My job is to pose and perform so that its easier to sell your product and at the same time is attractive. Moreover, I add a personal touch to your articles and make sure that they are eye-catching and appealing. My aim is to bring across your message and identity in the most creative way. My passion is all about generating really elegant looking photos.

This is me, how I look, when I am extremely happy.

This is how I look when

I focus on something.

This is how I look when

I am angry.

This is how I look when I get serious about something. Here are the things I am serious about:


my parents,

my sister,

my health,

my precious friends,

and my model work.

Get to know me:

I love modeling. The thought of being a model excites me totally. Models travel, meet creative people, and are exposed to big city life in the world’s capital cities, thats exactly my passion. Im pretty easy-going and I like to enjoy myself while it lasts. I love beeing this young and free.


I dig being a model because I have to push myself to obtain the most, to control my body, and my expression. It’s a constant challenge with myself, following strict routines of sport, diet, sleep and daily exercise to mantain a great appearence.


I adore getting to see myself in ways I don’t normally look. I realised I enjoy having the opportunitty to become someone else, just for a few hours. This year through my work, I’ve been a lovely bride, an elegant movie star, a 1950’s house wife and others. For me it’s fun and exciting to play those parts while incorporating a piece of myself into it. It is fun to know that I am going to play a part in some very cool pictures.


It is great to be surrounded by people who come from different areas of study but all love great images and elevating content through storytelling. I love seeing diffrent elements come together to design something harmonious.

 This is my sister and I. We are the best of my father and mother.

These are my best friends, they complete and fill my family. I love them with all my being and I am proud of each of them in diffrent ways.

These are my parents. They both have all changed my life in different, grand and fantastic ways. I owe them everything and I hope one day to return the favour.

Modeling was my first job, and is to date the one I’ve held the longest. What is keeping me in the fashion industry for so long is the constant contact with lovely people, smart people, talented people, hard-working people, inspiring people, people of the sort I want to grow up to be.

I graduated in mannequin, photo and catwalks by the prestigious Hernando Herrera International modeling school. I should hope my work refelcts that.












Photo editing


My experience extends across areas of photos, videos, clips, marketing, advertising and content across all types of media. I have sucessfully been a freelance model for a while and this has given me even more love for this industry. I have teamed up with advertising agencies, photographers, web developers, business woman & men, friends and family. Displaying and promoting clothes and other goods in magazines, catalogues, televisión,  fashion shows and catwalks.

I do all kinds of projects ensuring that each one is unique and special. I believe there is a secret to succes, do it with your heart, and thats exacly what I try to do in all of my work.
I have been fortunate enough to have gained remarkable experiences working with a number of successful and creative entrepreneurs and leaders in their fields. I have enjoyed some exceptional and distinctive challenges and I am now searching for a new long term opportunity utilising the experience I have gained and contacts I have made.



  • Adaptabilitty; I love working with new people everyday, and I love doing something completely different everyday. I relish seeing just how different each photo session or art modeling job can be.

  • Good communications skills; Catalan is my native language. Also fluent in Spanish, English, and French. 

  • I am set to work at random schedules and offbeat work-hours. Actually I have a taste for not working from 9 to 5.

  • Travel addict; I revel in getting to explore locations I’d know otherwise I would never see.

  • I appreciate the independence.

  • I savor keeping beautiful and having a reason for working out.

  • Good dancer. I’m experienced in classic ballet, contemporani, modern and jazz.

  • Sport. Avid sailor and skiier. Also excel in ice skating, roller skating and aerobics.

  • A positive attitude

  • An excellent staminer

  • I have a good sense of style

  • An ability to look good almost at all times

  • An outstanding facial projection.  I love feeling beautiful.

  • My desire to be a model comes from a feeling deep inside me.

In 1994 my little sister was born (unfortunately) haha joke.

Some of my traits:


1rst modeling campaign at 9 years old.
Film debut at 12 years old
Health decision. At 16 age I became vegeterian.
First boyfriend (YES!) - 2008 I thought I was doomed….
My first long-term employment – 2009 As a sailing instructor.
Barcelona is magic . 2010 I started living on my own.
IED university. I chose on a degree in design.
Really interested in modeling. I've been hooked ever since.
Elisava school. 2 years as Interior designer.
Third degree decision in EIP. I chose on a degree in protocol.
Travel addiction. April 2013, I toke myself to the other side of the planet.
2016 finally... got my own apartment
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